Chapura Pocket Mirror Software: all you need to know

The Chapura PocketMirror software helps individuals and organizations manage personal and business information across different devices while on the go.

With every other service, the pocket mirror software comes in three (3) different packages namely;

Pocket mirror standard software which is bundled with most Palm Powered handhelds available, and lets customers carry and update essential Contacts, Calendars, Tasks and Notes information from the normal and default Outlook folders in the built-in Palm OS Date Book, To-do list, Address Book and Memo Pad on a handheld.
Pocket mirror pro

While the PocketMirror Professional gives it a turbo boost which enables it add the convenience of synchronizing additional Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and other notes information stored in public folders and sub-folders between the PC and any other Palm Powered handheld device.

The PocketMirror 3.1.6 Professional software was built to enhance synchronization of Palm Powered handhelds as well as Microsoft(R) Outlook(R) with Business Contact Manager. Every user of Microsoft Outlook with Business Contact Manager (BCM), regardless of location, can set PocketMirror Professional to synchronize the Business Contacts folder in BCM with the built-in Palm OS Address Book.

Benefits of the Chapura Pocket Mirror Software

Below are some of the benefits of the pocket mirror software.

  • It features a simple and easy to use one-button synchronization, which is quick and gives customers access to current and accurate information on the go.
  • PocketMirror supports synchronizing to the same Exchange Server folders from any PC connected to the server.
  • By synchronizing multiple handhelds to the same Outlook profile, any group may access the same data.

Customers and readers rely on Chapura for innovative and creative ways to help connect their life both inside the office, home and anywhere else with their life outside the home and office. As our users and readers needs grow and change, Chapura responds with products and services to meet those needs.

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